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Hello, we're Jon Osborne and Kirsten Moegerlein. With a combined 3 decades of experience in commercial design, we’re fans of design in its many shapes and forms. However, through our own design practices, we’ve each found that what we were taught about design hasn't helped us create what we believe is possible.


We've been developing an approach that goes beyond methods and tools to equip designers with new ways of seeing, doing and being. We thought that we might able to teach at an institution, but no one wanted to play with us. (That's not quite true, we found one potential student.)


So instead of teaching a formal program, we have decided to offer something to the broader design community – a way for design practitioners to learn, that takes them beyond what existing academic or informal design education offers. It's come from our shared research and experience in ontological design and transition design. The approach provides a way to understand human being as a means of shifting our doing. Its a discourse that challenges the foundations of modern design, and offers possibilities for those who believe that design is capable of so much more than improving products and services.

We're keen to share a series of conversations that outline this approach for a group of experienced design practitioners.

If you’re ready to be part of the conversation, you can submit an expression of interest here.

If you're not quite ready for that, enter your email address to stay posted on what we’re doing…

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