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Conversation Club

Tuesday October 5th, 4–5.30pm (AEST)

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On October 5th, we’re looking forward to hosting our 5th conversation club. This conversation will be Part 2 of a discussion focused around the future of the club – we'd love your input!


Further context:

Our desire is to co-create embodied learning contexts that are joyful and challenging, which stretch our awareness of what it means to be a designer, while deepening our shared understanding of an extended design discourse.


We want to challenge the foundations of modern design, and explore possibilities with those who believe that design is capable of so much more than improving products and services. It will be of interest for those who have significant professional experience in design such as service design, human centered design, codesign, research etc. 

About Us:

For the last year we have been developing an approach that goes beyond existing design methods and tools. It helps equip designers seeking to make meaningful change, not just improving products and services. 


We know that for any design to be effective, it needs to involve changes to people’s behaviour and understanding. Our experience is that existing design approaches are limited in their capacity to do this. 


We call this approach Designing Transitions. It provides a theoretically robust and practical approach to designing meaning and symbols, culture and systems.


We are offering these conversations for free as a way for design practitioners to develop understanding of the potential of this theory and its embodiment in practice. It goes beyond what existing academic or informal design education offers. We will combine work from Kirsty’s PhD with Jon’s work in leadership. This is the first time that we will be making our articulation of this material public, and we invite others who are interested to join the conversation.

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